Donna, mother to two (and a fur baby) is the founder and CEO of Hanlyn Collective. The idea for HC came when her son was born in 2017, she was annoyed by the lack of boy options for clothes and wanted to make a change. However, she was running a successful events business and wasn’t able to take on another role, especially in addition to being a first time mom!  March 2020, 9 days after Toronto's first lockdown, her second child, a daughter, was born and her world completely changed. Within 2 weeks of giving birth, her events business had to close, an industry she had been in for close to 20 years was now, no more and no one knew if it would ever be the same again! So, with the support of her family, husband and friends...she decided to pursue a dream and make it a reality. It took close to a year of research, designing and perfecting before she opened to the public. She found the highest quality bamboo, highly skilled artists and together, they put her ideas to fabric. Countless hours have been invested in creating this passion project and her hope is that you love the designs as much as she has loved creating them for you. 

Hanlyn Collective is a combination of Donna's two kids' names- Hank and Falyn. The company's mission is to provide high quality, unique eco-friendly Bamboo sleep and loungewear for the whole family. Customer Care is a high priority for HC and they inspect every single item before it leaves their warehouse to ensure perfection.


A message from Donna
Founder and CEO of Hanlyn Collective

We understand how challenging things have been for most people with the uncertainty of the world. The pandemic has changed so many things and we have all had to change along with it. Many people are now working from home and trying to stay inside, our goal is to provide comfortable clothing to make things a little easier. We hope our designs bring you a little bit of happiness and of course, comfort to you in this uncertain time. We will continue to be committed to you by creating new patterns and shipping your orders, until we are told otherwise. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who has been affected by COVID-19. We are taking extra precautions in our warehouses and office to ensure our team is staying safe. We will continue to adhere to the recommendations provided by the World Health Organization, The Government of Canada, and the CDC. 

Thank you for supporting our small business, you are making our dreams become a reality. 

Donna xo